Usually spanning a duration of several months, these activities on special topic areas allow participating experts from different sectors to meet regularly for internal and public workshops. The circle of experts that participate in an initiative works autonomously and produces a final report with scenarios and recommendations that is presented to stakeholders.

Please note that the working language and most of the output of our initiatives is in German.

5th Initiative

Human Rights and the Internet

Can Human Rights be transferred to the Internet? Should they be the basis for global (Internet) governance structures? And how can the Internet in turn contribute to the implementation of Human Rights?

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4th Initiative

Privacy and Publicness

Due to the omnipresence of the Internet and the on-going digitalization of our daily lives there has been a rapid change of what is perceived as public and what as private. What information is still private and how can we protect it? Do we need to develop a different understanding or is there a need to redefine privacy and publicness?

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3rd Initiative

Copyright for the Information Society

This initiative of the Internet & Society Co:llaboratory is researching the features of a copyright for the information regime of the 21st century in terms of a regulatory framework for intangible property.

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2nd Initiative

Open Government

Open Government understands politics and administration as open value-added prcoesses, which increase governmental legitimation and capacities by allowing paricipation of the civil society, experts and decentralized knowledge.

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1st Initiative

Innovation Culture in the Digital Society

The first initiative researches the basis on the innovation culture in the information- and knowledge society. It aims to create an understanding of the specific features and opportunities of the Internet and takes the core values of our society into account.

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