Privacy and Publicness

Ahmet Emre Acar
Ahmet Emre Acar researches on the consequences of new technology at the Alcatel SEL Foundation, founded the Design Thinking Agency, and organises the conference „New Media in the Information Society.

Matthias Baerwolff
Dr. Matthias Baerwolff is a co-founder of the open source yearbook, and works as independent consultant and author.

Ulf Buermeyer
Ulf Buermeyer is a judge at a criminal division of the Regional Court of Berlin, member of the CCC and editor of the legal e-journal HRRS.

Rafael Capurro
Rafael Capurro is director of the Steinbeis-Transfer-Institut Information Ethics and president of the International Center for Information Ethics of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Susanne Dehmel
Susanne Dehmel manages BITKOM’s department for data protection, competition and consumer right.

Hubertus Gersdorf
Prof. Dr. Hubertus Gersdorf teaches at the University of Saarland, the Bucerius Law School, the Hamburg Media School, and the University of Bonn, and further is an expert for the German Parliament’s inquiry commission “Internet and digital Society”.

Philippe Groeschel
Philippe Groeschel is advisor for media policy and responsible for the protection of minors at VZnet Netzwerke.

Seda Gurses
Seda Gurses works in the research team for computer security and industrial cryptography of the Catholic University Leuven.

Stephan Hansen-Oest
Stephan Hansen-Oest is an advisory expert of the independent center for data protection of Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) for it-products, as well as legal expert for the EuropeanPrivacy Seal, works as a lawyer and consultant for copyright issues.

Ulrike Hoeppner
Ulrike Hoeppner is a political scientist focues on politcal theory and initiated a wiki about the political history of ideas.

Andreas Jungherr
Andreas Jungherr is a research assistant at the political department of the University of Bamberg.

Christoph Kappes
Christoph Kappes is founder of the Agency Xplain, founder and consultant of Fructus, and freelance journalist for F.A.Z as well as co-editor of Carta.

Ulrich Klotz
Ulrich Klotz is part of the board of trustees of IG Metall Germany and professor at the University of Applied Sciences Offenbach.

Henning Lesch
Henning Lesch is the department head for law and regulations of eco e.V.

Falk Lueke
Falk Lueke is the project manager of this initiative and works for the German Consumer Association as advisor for consumer rights in the digital world.

Bernd Lutterbeck
Prof. Dr. iur. Bernd Lutterbeck is professor emeritus and consults private and public institutions.

Florian Marienfeld
Florian Marienfeld is a research fellow at Fraunhofer FOKUS in the working group „trust in networked environments“

Matthias Niebuhr
Matthias Niebuhr is a senior legal counsel of the MyHammer holding in Berlin.

Frank Pallas
Dr. Frank Pallas is a visiting teacher at TU Berlin and researches at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology.

Martina Pickhardt
Martina Pickhardt is the founder of COCUS and iFay, and works as independent consultant for CORM, targeting and customisation.

Cornelius Puschmann
Dr. Cornelius Puschmann is a member of the research group „science and the Internet“ of the University of Dusseldorf.

Oliver Raabe
Dr. iur. Oliver Raabe is the head of the research group "energy information right and modern legal information sciences“ at the Karlsruhe Institute for technology.

Jan Schallaboeck
Jan Schallaboeck works for the independent center for data protection of Schleswig-Holstein (ULD).

Michael Seemann
Michael Seemann founded twitkrit.de and the project Twitterlesung, issues the podcast wirmuessenreden.de and the blog CTRL-Verlust, and works as a freelance journalist.

Max Senges
Max Senges works in Google Germany‘s policy team as connection between academia and civil society.

Sebastian Sooth
Sebastian Sooth is a project manager of Wikimedia, independent consultant for internet issues and co-founder of atoms&bits.

Martin Spindler
Martin Spindler is a market analyst focused on the Internet of things and smart metering / smart grids, and organizes the Congnitive Cities Conference.