Innovation culture in the digital Society

Markus Beckedahl
Markus Beckedahl founded “newthinking communications” and works as project manager for Creative Commons Germany.

Peter Bihr
Peter Bihr is a freelance consultant for online strategies for businesses, politics and NGOs.

Dr. Christoph Bruch
Is the head of the department for Open Access of the German Max Planck Institute.

Prof. Rafael Capurro
Rafael Capurro is director of the Steinbeis-Transfer-Institut Information Ethics and president of the International Center for Information Ethics of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Dean Ceulic
Dean Ceulic is head of Internet Standards & Policy for eco e.V.

Christopher Coenen
Christopher Coenen works for the Institute for Technology Assessment of the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology.

Prof. Wolfgang Coy
Prof. Wolfgang Coy is professor for Information Sciences at the Humboldt-University of Berlin.

Jutta Croll
Jutta Croll is CEO of the foundation „Digitale Chancen“.

Dr. Wolfgang Dierker
Dr. Wolfgang Dierker is the Director of Government Affairs for Hewlett-Packard.

Prof. Guenter Faltin
Prof. Faltin is professor for entrepreneurship at the Free University of Berlin.

Philippe Groeschel
Philippe Groeschel is advisor for media policy and responsible for the protection of minors at VZnet Netzwerke.

Prof. Wolfgang Kleinwaechter
Wolfgang Kleinwaechter is the professor for Internet Policy and Regulation at the University of Aarhus and personal consultant for the UN’s Internet Governance Forum.

Florian Koch
Florian Koch is a department manager for BITKOM.

Annette Kroeber-Riel
Annette Kroeber-Riel is Google Germany’s European Policy Counsel.

Prof. Axel Kuepper
Prof. Axel Kuepper is the professor for service-centric networking at the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories.

Henning Lesch
Henning Lesch is the department head for law and regulations of eco e.V.

Dr. Nikolaus Lindner
Dr. Nikolaus Lindner manages the department of government relations for eBay Germany.

Martin G. Loehe
Martin G. Loehe works for the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS and develops e-Government applications.

Falk Lueke
Falk Lueke works for the German Consumer Association as advisor for consumer rights in the digital world.

Annette Muehlberg
Annette Muehlberg manages ver.di's national department for e-government, new media, and administrative modernization.

Prof. Philipp Mueller
Philipp Mueller is Director for Business Development at CSC Germany.

Daniel Ott
Daniel Ott is the spokesman for the German initiative D21.

Thomas Praus
Thomas Praus is a managing partner at PANORAMA3000 and co-organiser of the Social Media Week in Berlin.

Pavel Richter
Pavel Richter is CEO of Wikimedia Germany.

Thomas Roessler
Thomas Roessler works for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Thorsten Schilling
Thorsten Schilling is the head of the media department of the German Center for Political Education (bpb).

Mathias Schindler
Mathias Schindler founded Wikipedia Germany e.V. and works as a member of Wikimedia’s communications committee.

Dr. Max Senges
Max Senges works in Google Germany‘s policy team as connection between academia and civil society.

Dr. Otto Singer
Otto Singer, researches and teaches at the Universities of Constance and Tubingen.

Matthias Spielkamp
Matthias Spielkamp is the founding-editor and project-manager of iRights.info.

Michelle Thorne
For Creative Commons, Michelle Thorne coordinates the transfer of the CC-licences into over 50 countries.

Bastian Unterberg
Bastian Unterberg is founder and CEO of the Berlin-based start-up jovoto.

John Weitzmann
John Weitzmann is the project-coordinator of Creative Commons Europe.

Barbara Zimmers
Barbara Zimmers is CEO of the German initiative D21.

Julius van de Laar
Julius van de Laar works as a campaign consultant for avaaz.org.