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Overview of the process oa a Co:llaboratory-Initaitive
Each Initiative is planned and coordinated by a manager as well as a core team. Depending on the scope and extent of the topic the Initiatives usually span a timeframe of three to six months. Until now the Initiatives and working groups have never exceeded more than 35 members chosen by the steering committee. The application for participation is open to everyone and can be completed online through this website. The selection of experts is decided through close cooperation between the project manager and steering committee. It is the foremost goal of the selection process to bring together a heterogeneous group of experts who are able to constructively contribute to the conversation regardless of their everyday institutional positions.

Globalization and the Internet: Information, People, Goods
Globe-86244 640.jpg
The group of experts will use evaluation of TAFTA/TTIP as a means of painting a fully comprehensive picture of the international aspects of network policy and the interconnectedness of the internet, globalization and the nation state. In the debate on network policy it is absolutely essential to present specific issues from the above mentioned topics of interest in a clear and readily understandable manner and to make both proposed solutions and explanatory examples accessible to non-expert members of the general public within a wider ranging narrative.
Sustainability in the Digital World
CCBYSA20 Tom Raftery.png
Are the testimonies of creativity and science recorded on digital media going to disappear soon? Are the first years after the digital revolution going to be a "white spot" in the memory of future generations? In the past, memory institutions such as archives, libraries and museums have made sure that the testimonies of cultural creation will survive. But what is the situation today?
Learning in the Digital Society: Open, Interconnected, Integrative
7. Initiative-Wolke.jpg
What does learning with digital media mean? What opportunities could the internet provide and what challenges do we encounter? The experts of the Initiative will examine how prospective forms of learning with digital media as well as learning environments and concepts could and should look like now and in the future. They are also discussing the required literacies related to use of the internet and responsibilities or prerequisites for participation in the digital public.
Innovation in the Digital Ecosystem
Innovation is not a technological procedure. It is rather a complex social process, in which economic interest, social power relations, cultural norms, value models and other “soft” factors play an important role. This integrated understanding of innovation enables development of a plethora of approaches for a constructive discourse on the future of the Internet and society.
Human Rights and the Internet: Access, Freedom and Control
Can Human Rights be transferred to the internet? Should they be the basis for global polycentric(Internet) governance structures? And how can the Internet in turn contribute to the implementation of Human Rights?
Privacy and Publicness
Zur Ini.jpg
The omnipresence of the internet and the on-going digitalization of our daily lives are causing a rapid change of what is perceived as public and private. What information is private and how can it be protected? Do we need to develop a new understanding of the increasingly blurry concepts, requiring a redefinition of privacy and publicness?
Copyright for the
Information Society
Zur Ini3.png
The third Initiative of Internet & Society Co:llaboratory is researching and putting forward ideas for the features of a copyright for the information regime of the 21st century in terms of a regulatory framework for intangible property.
Open Government
Zur Ini1.png
Open Government understands politics and administration as open value-adding processes, in which governmental legitimacy and capacity of bargaining power are increased through the application of decentralized knowledge and by allowing participation of civil societal actors and experts.
Innovation Culture in the Digital Society
The first initiative explores the foundations of the innovation culture in the information- and knowledge society. It aims to create an understanding of the idiosyncrasies and opportunities of the internet and takes the core values of our society into account.
Sebastian Haselbeck
Gordon Süß
John Dykes
Sebastian Haselbeck
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