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Initiative Open Government

Initiative Open Government

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Visual Recording "Open Government"

In the Co:llaboratory’s second initiative we focused on the topic of open government. The concept of open government considers politics and public administration as open value-adding processes. Their legitimacy and the capacity of government activities are enhanced by the participation of citizens and experts as well as the availability of decentralized knowledge.
From July to September 2010, the experts of the second initiative addressed the following topics:

  • Open statesmanship Using the strategic possibilities of the Web pro successful and pragmatic political positioning.
  • eParticipation Based on an analysis of the most successful national and international eParticipation initiatives, the experts discussed the success factors of the various methods and fields of application.
  • Open Data Nearly all public institutions can contribute to more transparency and collaboration by providing information and data from their respective area of responsibility. Simultaneously, this often contributes to fostering innovation. Using the example of “open data,” the experts developed barriers and opportunities for the co-operation with particularly non-governmental players.

The core element of the Open Government Initiative was a one-day workshop in September 2010 at Schloss Glienicke, during which the topics, results and further activities were discussed intensively with partners from the world of politics and public administration.

Sebastian Haselbeck
Sebastian Haselbeck
Gordon Süß
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