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Initiative Privacy and Publicness

Initiative Privacy and Publicness

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4. Initiative des Co:llaboratory Privatheit und Öffentlichkeit


Verlauf der 4. Initiative:

April 2011

  • 01.04.2011: Erster Workshop der vierten Initiative.
  • 13.04.2011: Workshop der vierten Initiative auf der re:publica"11

Mai 2011

  • 06.05.2011: Zweiter Workshop

Juni 2011

  • 10.06.2011: Dritter Workshop - Diskussion und Vorträge mit und von ausgewählten Gästen

August 2011

  • 12.08.2011: Vierter Workshop

September 2011

  • 16.09.2011: Abschlussworkshop mit externen Gästen

Ongoing digitalization and the internet pose many questions to society: In the future, what will be considered private, and what public? Both the Private and the Public are undergoing immense change driven by the ubiquity of the internet and effects of digitalization. Should information posted on the internet remain private? If so, which information should be guarded and how? Or perhaps we should challenge our understanding of private and public, thus creating new definitions for these increasingly blurry terms. Co:llaboratory's fourth initiative aims to develop technology assessments and courses of action, in order to enrich public discourse and bring to light opportunities of a digital and multimedial future. In doing so we would like to promote a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the state, the economy and the user by analyzing scenarios determined by factors of crucial influence and to put up for discussion their implications for society. In Co:llaboratory's fourth Initiative, experts from academia, the private sector and the civil society will consider these questions and put forward possible courses of action in a benchmark paper displaying potential points of conflict and realistic approaches to solutions.

Visual Recording "Privatheit und Öffentlichkeit"
Gordon Süß
Gordon Süß
John Dykes
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