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Initiative Learning in a digital society

Initiative Learning in a digital society

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Homepage of the 7th Initiative: "Internet & Society Co:llaboratory"

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Learning in the digital society - open, linked, integrative


The 7th Initiative of the "Internet & Society Co:llaboratory" will deal with the subject "Learning in the digital society". What does learning with digital media mean? Which opportunities will be created and which challenges will we face? From October 2012 until January 2013, the experts of the Initiative will analyze these issues. They will examine how learning environments and concepts as well as forms of learning with digital media could and should appear in the future. They will discuss the necessary competencies required in order to use the internet and the conditions of participation in the digital public sphere. Which requirements must be fulfilled for a diversified, networked learning process? Furthermore, how can we shape and make use of digital technologies when dealing with teaching and study materials? In the end, which possibilities are left open to create equality and integration regarding access to these resources?

On both the theoretical and practical level, the initiative will seek appropriate ways to change learning environments as well as learning concepts and formats through the use of digital media. The Initiative also aims to go above and beyond by discussing new capabilities created by rapid dissemination of information in addition to the collaborative development of new learning materials.

The experts of the initiative seek to identify concrete solutions, explore new perspectives, and highlight specific needs within the framework of "Learning in the digital society." The objective is to engage in an active and constructive dialogue with key individuals from civil society, business, academia, politics and government, and ultimately, to initiate social change.


In the run-up to the launch, the initiative was partly prepared in the form of sessions at the OERcamp (Barcamp of digital and open teaching and learning materials) between the 14th and 16th of September in Bremen. It was decided that the experts would come together and take part in three workshops (the kick-off, intermediary, and editing workshops respectively).

The kick-off workshop functions as a platform from which all experts can substantively discuss the issues as well as divide themselves into more concrete, manageable subgroups in which they will be working for the weeks to come. In the intermediary workshop the experts and working groups will present and discuss their consolidated results thus far. In December, there will be another gathering in preparation for the final presentations of the above mentioned group work. January will see the closing of the initiative with the experts putting the final touches on their findings and presentations, culminating in a closing ceremony on the 30th of January 2013. Following the closing of the Initiative we will publish a final report, in which the findings of the experts, associated with the results of their collaborative work, will be directed at decision makers in the form of policy recommendations. Subsequent to the Initiative, implementation of these recommendations as well as targeted activities of the experts will receive ongoing support.

Sebastian Haselbeck
John Dykes
Sebastian Haselbeck
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