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Initiative Innovation in the digital ecosystem

Initiative Innovation in the digital ecosystem

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Homepage of Co:llaboratory's 6th Initiative "Innovation in the Digital Ecosystem"

The 6th Initiative of Internet & Society Co:llaboratory (Co:Lab) will begin following the Summer of 2012 with discussing the topic, "Innovation in the Digital Ecosystem". Digital innovations are the motor of our information society with the internet as their operating system. How can we shape the emerging ecosystem of our digital societies? Which institutions and approaches (relating to markets, conventions, law and structure) are needed to foster a valuable development for this society? How do we overcome boundaries on the internet and secure an open, functioning and inclusive internet ecosystem, which is more than just a business web, but a fundamental space for social and cultural evolution? Which political, legal, technical and organizational parameters are necessary for socio-economic prosperity in the digital world? How do digital and real world interact and correlate? These questions will guide the experts in this initiative.


Gordon Süß
John Dykes
Sebastian Haselbeck
Gordon Süß
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