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MIND 6 Internet and Security

MIND 6 Internet and Security

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Multistakeholder Internet Dialog (MIND), Volume 6 (Bali & Berlin 2013
Editor of the Discussion Paper Series No.1: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kleinwächter


Propositions by Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Bruce Schneier

Responses - Stakeholder Government & Parliament

Responses - Stakeholder Private Sector

Responses - Civil Society

Responses - Stakeholder Technical & Academic Community


MIND-Multistakeholder Internet Dialog
MIND stands for Multistakeholder Internet Dialogue. The discussion paper series is a platform for modern polemics in the field of internet governance. Each issue is structured around a central argument in form of a proposition of a well-known author, which is then commented by several actors from academia and the technical communities, the private sector, as well as civil society and government in form of replications. all MIND-publications

Gordon Süß
Sebastian Haselbeck
Gordon Süß
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