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Funding and Transparency

Funding and Transparency

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Information about funding and transparency itemised according to the catalogue of Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (signature pending), including addditional details.


1. Name, Main Office, Address und Year of Establishment

The Internet und Gesellschaft Collaboratory e.V. (or "CoLab") was founded as independend supporting association 2012 and is since the end of 2012 operational responsible for all activities of the Collaboratory itself. Before the organization was founded, Collaboratory was a project initiated by Google Germany 2010.

  • Main Office and Address: Sophienstr. 24, 10178 Berlin
  • Register: VR31699B, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg

2. Bylaw and Goals

3. Information about Tax Relief

The CoLab is according to the conformation of the 27th March 2013 recognized as nonprofit association by the Berlin tax office for corporations (valid until 31th December 2012). Our tax number is 27/668/59179.

4. Name and Function of Essential Decision-Makers

See Steering Group (of the association). Manager: Sebastian Haselbeck; Assistent to the steering group: Gordon Süß. More details: Team

5. Progress Report

See Annual- and Finance Report 2012 (Download in German as .pdf, 3.3 MB).

6. Personnel Structure

The Steering Group (Steering group of the association) and all Experts in Ohu's and initiatives work voluntary.

  • Furthermore (in part-time) as manager employed: Sebastian Haselbeck; as assistent to the steering group (in part-time) employed: Gordon Süß.
  • The coordinators of the (currently: 6) Ohu's and project leader of the (2) Initiatives each year work on a fee basis. To support assistants work regularly fee-based in the CoLab (2012 Linda Walter, 2013 Tobias Schwarz and Eve Breitbach).

Further information: Team

7. / 8. Information on the Source of Funds and its Usage

See Annual Report and Financial Statements 2012 download here (pdf 3.3MB.), as well as a detailed breakdown of funds (Visualize .collaboratory.de/2013/05/testversuch-colab-ausgaben-2012.html, [1]).

The budget goes into the organization and implementation of events, the preparation of studies and other materials, the publications of the initiatives and the Discussion Paper series MIND, funded Projects (eg the Ohu's) and personnel costs and administrational tasks (including public relations).

Statement of expenditure of previous years (before the founding of the association)' The Collaboratory was a docked project at Google Germany until 2012. For completeness, here are the previous financial statements:

9. Corporate Law Relationships with Third Parties


10. Names of Legal Persons Whose Annual Payments are more than 10% of the total Annual Budget Account

In 2013 the Collaboratory e.V. received a donation of EUR 250,000 of Google Germany GmbH (see cooperation agreement)

In 2012 (the year the association was founded), the association received a donation from Google Germany GmbH of 80,000 EUR. Details of the rest of the budget composition 2012 (mostly prior to the effective establishment of the association) you can find at 7./8. and in the annual report of 2012.

Cooperation Partner

Several partners are involved in the work of the Collaboratory and support it with content, financially, personally or for example through provision of catering and meeting or events rooms.

New cooperation partners
The Collaboratory as an open platform is interested to ensure the sustainability of its work through donations, cooperation and participation of other organizations and companies that support the goals and operation of the Collaboratory. We emphasize the importance to strict transparency and that the independence of the Colab is maintained.

Would you like to support the work of the CoLab? Please contact the Steering Group.

Tom Schlansky
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