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Aside from the steering committee, the following people are currently active at the CoLab.


Community Manager

Sebastian Haselbeck
Sebastian is currently the Community Manger of Co:llaboratory. He was a member of the Organizational Team for the last two Government 2.0 Camps in Berlin as well as a participant in the organization of the Open Government Camp Berlin 2011. He studied Political Science and American Studies at the University of Regensburg, including a year abroad at Arizona State University with a participation in the Model United Nations (NMUN) in New York. His master thesis at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt dealt with the topic of E-participation. In 2008 he completed an internship at "Bürgerbeteiligungs Start-Up Intellitics", Inc. during which he also took part in OpenGovWest in Seattle. He is an advocate of an open, transparent and modern state and founder of the project, "Gläserner Staat". In his free time he tends to the diffussion of good taste in films on the internet.

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Assistant to the Steering Committee

Gordon Süß
Gordon Süß studied Political Science (B.A) and International Communication (M.A.) and supported the Initiative Privacy and Publicness as an intern and fellow. He currently works as the Assistant to the Steering Committee for Internet & Society Co:llaboratory. In addition, since May 2012 he is the Coordinator of the Ohu "Digital Privacy and Publicness".

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Linda Walter
Linda Web.jpg
Linda Walter was introduced to Co:llaboratory as an intern in 2012. With her she brought her experience as a guest student at the German Foreign Ministry, Department of Information and Communications Technology and student assistant of SAP. For years she has also been active as a volunteer at Amnesty International and assists in supervision of the project Irrepressible Voices. Since April she has been working as a fellow and will soon be bringing her studies of Philosophy and Political Science to an end.

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Barbara Braun
Barbara Brown has supported Co:llaboratory as a research fellow since 2013 and focusses primarily on areas of public relations and Fundraising. As a trained Media and Culture Manger, she has specialized in fields such as creative industry, crowdfunding and empowerment at the Free University of Berlin. Above all, Barbara is interested in Open Thinking, the future of work and swarm intelligence. She works as a free-lance strategist and Coach.

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Former Fellows

Mohamed Hamzé
Mohamed Web.jpg Mohamed Hamzé supported Internet & Society Co:llaboratory as a research fellow from July 2011 to August 2012. In addition he is currently engaged with ArbeiterKind.de in the field of Digital Integration and Media Literacy. He studies Law with a focus on competition, copyright and trademark law at the Free University of Berlin.

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Tinka Große
Tinka Web.jpg
Tinka worked for Co:Lab since 2010 and is now concentrating on her Masters thesis at the Zeppelin University which investigates how the political system is changing through E-participation. Furthermore, she is researching in the scope of FoLD- Research Network the plattform enquetebeteiligung.de and is thereby interested in the question whether online participation reduces disenchantment with politics and can mobilize the disinterested. For the Co:Lab she is also active as a Web Editor.



Tom Schlansky
Tom holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and studies the master's-program "Politics & Public Management" at Zeppelin University. He supported the team as intern. His CV covers stations from IT-training, a bachelor's thesis about eParticipation at a Member of Parliament till to the establishment of rhetoric clubs at its respective universities. His interests focus lays always in the area between politics, communication and IT.

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Former Interns

John Dykes
John dykes.jpg
John Dykes is the intern of the Co:llaboratory's 7th Initiative "Learning in the digital Society". He received is BA in International Relations and Germanic studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he focussed on the educational chances of children with immigrant backgrounds in the German education system. He later received a Fulbright scholarship to work as a foreign language assistant in Germany and continued his work on immigration and education related topics. Currently he is a student of the German-Turkish Masters Programme in Social Sciences in Ankara and Berlin.

7. Initiative

Franziska Krause
Franziska Krause is the 6th initiative project manager's assistant. When she is not working for Co:lab, she studies American Studies at Free University of Berlin with a focus on "discrimination against race and gender". She just finished a year abroad at Indiana University at Bloomington and is excited to put her years of voluntary organizational work with children to use in her job here and to experience the practical side to study-related topics.


Sherry Basta
Sherry Basta is the intern for Co:llaboratory's Initiative Human Rights and the Internet. Born in London, Sherry completed her Abitur at a German-school in Cairo and studied Management at the Deutsche Universität. Subsequently she has been active at the Society for Technical Cooperation and as a DAAD scholar successfully completed her graduate studies at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy in 2011.



Sebastian Haselbeck
Tom Schlansky
John Dykes
Gordon Süß
Sebastian Haselbeck
Linda Walter
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