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Ohu New Work and Innovation

Ohu New Work and Innovation

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Ohu New Work, Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Our working world is undergoing a radical change. Through digitalization, increasing interconnectedness, globalization and rapid technological advancements, new forms of work design that challenge the status quo are unfolding before our eyes. We stand at a breaking point, whose the effects can only be speculated. Yet the fact is that the ways we understand work is beginning to be questioned on fundamental level.

These transformations are the object of analysis for the Ohu "New Work, Entrepreneurship and Innovation". The Ohu acts as a forum and platform from which experts from the private sector, politics, administration and academia network, exchange ideas and develop and implement projects and models related to the "future of labor". The Ohu aims to identify trends in the development of organizations and employment in the increasingly flexible information society, including the respective risks and opportunities. In doing so it aspires to deduce strategic impulses for industry, politics and administration.

Gordon Süß
John Dykes
Gordon Süß
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