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Ohu Digital Integration and Media Literacy

Ohu Digital Integration and Media Literacy

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Ohu Digital Integration and Media Literacy

Mission Statement

The ubiquity of digital media has begun to define everyday life, hence the use thereof requires new rules of the game. The term “media literacy” therefore requires a new definition. An evaluation of the present state of activities for the facilitation of media literacy and media education will form the basis for considerations on 'how' and 'on what' future media literacy promotion should be based.
The Ohu "Digital Integration and Media Literacy" is composed of a group of individuals, possessing diverse expertise, with the aim of initiating, shaping and advancing the discourse on "Digital Integration" and "Media Literacy" through collaborative work.
The Ohu actively takes part in the hotly discussed questions revolving around media literacy and digital integration with special attention paid to the debates on digital and open-teaching/learning materials. It is therefore essential for our engagement to point out which measures have seen success and where we can note deficits. The thematization of these deficits and challenges, and associated opportunities, should be concretely brought to the attention of the larger public and key political decision makers.

Gordon Süß
John Dykes
Gordon Süß
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