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About the proceedings and methods of the Co:llaboratory (Version 1.5)

Thematic Working Groups

Working groups will develop initiatives that are focused on discussing topics relevant to internet and society. Experts for these working groups will be recruited from civil society, academia and the private sector.

Interpretation and Course of Action

At specialized events (workshops, bar camps, etc.) the previously identified topics will be discussed in an open exchange between representatives from civil society, academia and business to be later presented to politicians and public administrators and, if necessary, to propose courses of action.


As a general principle, all contributions of participants made during the discussion rounds and other Co:llaboratory events will be published with copyleft license. Our media partner, Politik-Digital.de, will document and question the positions and perspectives brought forward, acting independently of the Co:llaboratory.

Talking Straight

The appropriate media framework will be selected for each event. Unless otherwise agreed, the Chatham House Rule will be applied to the events in order to ensure a discussion that is as open as possible. This permits public reporting from and of the events (Twitter, blogs etc.), without identifying individual participants by name or organization.

Results-Oriented Approach

As far as possible, participants should develop positions that can be implemented in a tangible manner and that offer points of departure for more in-depth considerations (e.g. reports, recommendations, petitions or even open letters). __

Gordon Süß
John Dykes
Gordon Süß
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